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Who’s on Top? Check Out Today’s Trending Athlete Blogs

Charlie Villanueva’s new webisode series is a must-see.

Want to know which of our athlete bloggers here on SportsBlog are generating the most buzz right now? Here at SportsBlog, we’re the top sports blogging platform for pro athletes, so there’s always a lot of great content from sports superstars to check out. They’ve got unique perspectives on the game that you can’t miss.

As part of our ongoing series on top trending blogs on SportsBlog, here’s our most popular athlete blog posts at the moment. Find out what all the talk is about!

1.Charlie Villanueva’s Got Us All Watching

We’re super stoked that Charlie Villanueva is making SportsBlog history with his brand-new webisode series, Crossroads. Airing every Tuesday, the series gives a raw, honest and fascinating look into an athlete at a major crossroads in his professional career. Do you #BelieveinCharlie? We do. Stay tuned and make sure you don’t miss his first webisode episode here.

2.Blaine Bishop Weighs in on LeBron

We’ve heard a lot of what the fans and sports experts have to say about Lebron’s decision. But NFL vet Blaine Bishop gives us the athlete’s perspective. And he’s got a lot of understanding. “As a professional athlete myself, many fans and those in the media forget athletes are human,” Bishop writes. LeBron’s decision was “was right for his legacy and it’s right for his family.” Read Bishop’s full post here.

3.NFL Legend Jeff Nixon Asks the Tough Questions

Legendary defensive back Jeff Nixon has one of the top athlete blogs on SportsBlog for a reason: he’s got great insights into the industry, he’s a fearless advocate for both retired and current players’ rights and he’s not afraid to turn some heads with his opinions. For just one example, see one of his latest must-read posts: “Is the NFL a Drug Cartel?” He also weighs in on the NFL’s recent controversial concussion settlement. Find out why Nixon’s Retired NFL Players United blog has everyone talking here.

4.Dale Ellis Wants You to Give Michael Vick a Break

Retired NBA star¬†Dale Ellis’s short but frank post on recent Michael Vick protests has gotten a lot of attention on his blog and on social media. Ellis says, “He paid his debt to society and he has apologized for his mistake… From one dog lover to another, let it go.” Do you agree? Find out what Ellis has to say and weigh in here.

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