How Charlie Villanueva Has Impacted the #SportsBlog Community

For those of you who don’t know, NBA player Charlie Villanueva joined the Sports Blog community about a month ago. He has provided the website with firsthand knowledge about the life of a free agent which we would have never known if it weren’t for him.

I remember back in the beginning of 2014 when I first became a part of how the last guy on the leaderboards had only 80 or so unique visits. At the end of July just yesterday, the last person had I think about 200 views, a big improvement in so little time.

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Ex-Detroit Piston Charlie Villanueva, now a free agent, looking for right situation

Nearly four weeks into the NBA’s free-agency period, Charlie Villanueva doesn’t have a landing spot.

It’s a far cry from five seasons ago when he agreed to join the Pistons on the first day of the league’s moratorium.

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