WATCH: Villanueva interrupts Russell Westbrook’s pregame dance routine

Russell Westbrook and Cameron Payne have a pregame routine for the Oklahoma City Thunder. It’s a long, involved dance sequence in which the two players face each other and have some fun with it. It’s one of those superstitious routines that players tend to believe is vital to their success. Everything with players is about routine and doing the same things over and over. These things matter to them as players.

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The rise of self-publishing and the athlete influencer

The power of social media to provide voice and perspective to an individual or a movement is a phenomenon unlike any other. Whether its an oppressed group looking to share their story or a celebrity providing a glimpse of their personal life – the ability to go viral commands attention. In our business you hear time and time again that content is king – now more than ever you can move the needle with simply a disruptive tweet, a humorous YouTube video, or an impactful Instagram image. The professional athletes that can create a voice on these outlets are often the most followed, most influential, and have the strongest endorsement potential. And because this strong business interest exists companies are innovating left and right to profit in one way or another. The next big wave in this social sphere is self-publishing.

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