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Sefko: Can Charlie Villanueva continue his ‘instant offense’ off the bench?

Question: Who will need to be the most effective bench or rotation guys for the Mavs during the second half of the season? Who do you think is yet to perform up to speed?

Sefko: Well, the obvious answer here is Raymond Felton. He’s been a pretty good player during much of his career and the Mavericks, while flush with point guards, can always use more playmakers. Other than him, I’d say it’s going to be real interesting to see if Charlie Villanueva can continue to be instant offense off of the bench. We know what Devin Harris can bring. And Richard Jefferson will give you everything he’s got. But CV, Felton and a big man to be named (Jermaine O’Neal?) will be key to the second half of the season.

Question: Another Charlie V question…saw Carlisle called him a bigger JET. You see any similarities?

Sefko: Neither plays much defense. They both can hit shots with a quick release. CV will get you a rebound, Jet an assist. Jet just had more fuel in the tank when he was winning sixth man of the year, etc. Charlie V. remains more of change-of-pace player. He’s not going to get 30 minutes of burn on a regular basis unless something has gone horribly wrong on the injury front.

Question: Really liking what Charlie V is bringing to this team. More playing time for him in the future? If not, why’s that? Guy can shoot the lights out.

Sefko: He’ll get his chances as long as the shot is working. But when it’s not, he’s a liability defensively. Not that he has that market cornered, by the way. But with guys like that, you sometimes get diminishing returns the longer you play him. There’s a fine line between going with a hot shooter and overstaying a welcome with a guy who is limited in other areas. But I like Charlie so far. Ride him for a while, for sure.

Question: Why is Raymond Felton still a Mav?

Sefko: Where else would you send him? You can’t trade a player who has no real value and until he gets on the floor and starts to build up some credit, he’ll be a Maverick.

Credit: Eddie Sefko, Dallas News
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