March 3, 2016 @cvbelieve

Charlie Villanueva, a Dominican in the NBA, is a proud man

Charlie Villanueva, who plays for the Dallas Mavericks, took some time out to reflect on his experience as a Dominican-American in the NBA. Expressing his perspective was prompted partly by Independence Day in the Dominican Republic, which was Feb. 27.

Villanueva couldn’t fit all he wanted to say into the character limit on Twitter, so the power forward provided a link to his sports blog, where he described in more detail the pride and honor he feels representing the country of his heritage in the world of professional basketball.

Villanueva gave a nod to the exciting young NBA players who also share Dominican heritage, such as Karl-Anthony Towns and Luis Montero, while especially thanking the likes of Felipe Lopez and Tito Horford for being Dominican pioneers.

Baseball is the sport most athletic Dominicans are known for playing, but Villanueva and others in the NBA show that their basketball history is growing.

Credit: ESPN
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