Can I Kick It? (Season X – Alopecia Movie Project)

So in my last blog post and in all of my social media (@cvbelieve), if you follow me, I have been mentioning this Kickstarter campaign that I recently launched. To be completely 100, I didn’t know what Kickstarter even was up till recently. Team Villanueva (Rob, Rob and Chawla) put me on to it. I loved the fact that it gets the crowd involved direct, allowing fans and my supporters to be a part of a movement…a bigger picture.

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El baloncesto no tiene fronteras, RD es su sede

El deporte y en especial el baloncesto ha demostrado que las fronteras no existen. El ejemplo más claro dio inicio este domingo en el Pabellón de Voleibol del Centro Olímpico donde 51 jóvenes de 18 países nacidos para el 1998 dieron sus primeros pasos hacia el sueño de todos: ser un gran profesional del deporte del aro y el balón.

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After the game: NBA stars shoot for wins in real estate

Luol Deng, a former refugee from war-torn South Sudan, is 30 years old and extremely rich. Over 11 years of playing professional basketball in the NBA, the 6-foot-9-inch-tall small forward has made close to $100 million in gross wages alone. It’s only natural that Deng spends a good deal of thought on what to do with all that money. Recently, much of that thinking has revolved around real estate.

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Dallas Mavericks Charlie Villanueva And Hennessy V.S. Host ‘Believe In Dallas Dinner’

It was a memorable night in Dallas, Texas on Tuesday (April 7) when Mavericks star player Charlie Villanueva in partnership with Hennessy V.S. hosted a “Believe In Dallas” dinner.

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