Charlie Villanueva Opens Up About Living With Alopecia In New Film

There’s something beautiful about struggle. The way it puts on display the vulnerability of a person, while simultaneously showcasing that same individual’s incredible strength. Struggle adds a unique—and essential—piece to a person’s life story. When a person shares his/her story, struggles and all, that is a conscious effort, often put forth with a goal in mind.

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Charlie Villanueva sets out to make a documentary about his career, condition

It usually takes dozens, if not hundreds, of people to make a movie. But Charlie Villanueva, his two brothers, and his manager are in the process of making a crowd-funded feature-length documentary all by themselves, an incredible — and important — challenge that the Mavs forward believes he and his group can overcome.

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Sneak Peek of NBA Season X: The Charlie Villanueva Story

Last night at Landmark Theaters in Dallas, Charlie Villanueva held a private sneak peek of Season X: The Charlie Villanueva Story for Dallas Mavericks season ticket holders and media. The event was a huge success and the film left all who attended feeling challenged and inspired.

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Charlie Villanueva joining Dirk Nowitzki as movie-making Dallas Mavericks

Dirk Nowitzki isn’t the only Maverick with a new documentary.

Charlie Villanueva will host a screening on Wednesday in Dallas of his new film, Season X: The Charlie Villanueva Story.

The documentary tells Villanueva’s life while dealing with alopecia, a disease that prohibits victims from growing hair anywhere on their bodies.

“I’ve talked about my story before, but not in this much detail,” Villanueva said. “I felt like it was the right time to do something like this.”

The film will be officially released during All-Star Weekend in Toronto, where Villanueva started his NBA career.

Nowitzki’s documentary, The Perfect Shot, debuted earlier this summer.

Check out the preview for Villanueva’s documentary here:

Credit: Eddie Sefko, The Dallas Morning News

Can I Kick It? (Season X – Alopecia Movie Project)

So in my last blog post and in all of my social media (@cvbelieve), if you follow me, I have been mentioning this Kickstarter campaign that I recently launched. To be completely 100, I didn’t know what Kickstarter even was up till recently. Team Villanueva (Rob, Rob and Chawla) put me on to it. I loved the fact that it gets the crowd involved direct, allowing fans and my supporters to be a part of a movement…a bigger picture.

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