Charlie Villanueva and alopecia

Dominican-American basketball player Charlie Villanueva has alopecia, a condition that results in hair loss, but the power forward wants to remind others in the same circumstances not to feel shame or suffer a lack of self-worth.

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Steelers’ Ryan Shazier on a mission to help kids with alopecia

Look at that guy with patches in his head.

Ryan Shazier’s hair would fall out in patches, which kids in the stands at his football games would notice when he took off his helmet. The laughing and taunting was clearly audible to his parents.

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Can I Kick It? (Season X – Alopecia Movie Project)

So in my last blog post and in all of my social media (@cvbelieve), if you follow me, I have been mentioning this Kickstarter campaign that I recently launched. To be completely 100, I didn’t know what Kickstarter even was up till recently. Team Villanueva (Rob, Rob and Chawla) put me on to it. I loved the fact that it gets the crowd involved direct, allowing fans and my supporters to be a part of a movement…a bigger picture.

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Basketball Without Borders Headed to Dominican Republic

Corey Brewer, Al Horford and Charlie Villanueva will be at the Basketball Without Borders program in the Dominican Republic next week. Campers will enjoy instruction from NBA players as well as players from the Dominican Republic and take part in community outreach programs from August 16-19. More details from the AP via below:

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